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Compose Your Own Digital Experience Platform With DX United

With DX United, you can create your own customizable digital experience platform. Let our  best-in-class connectors and APIs lend a hand in integrating your favourite systems with a seamless digital experience for you and your consumers.

The only DXP you will ever need

An amped-up digital experience is just what your business needs to reach a wider audience and set itself on the road to success. 

With DX United’s exclusive tools and features, you’ll get all the data and customer relationships you could ever want.

Microservice-Based Architecture

Seamlessly integrate our existing solutions with your desired user interface.

Our integration framework, rooted in our microservice architecture paradigm, will effortlessly combine DX United’s platform with your existing tech stack.

Choose Your Own Vendors

Take complete control over the buying process, selecting the systems and technology from the vendor of your choice.

Workflow Management

Armed with a birds-eye overview of your clients’ digital experience, use our management tools to bring greater clarity and peace-of-mind to your team’s workflow.


Preview Before Publish

Preview any personalised digital experience in real-time via our unified control space so you can double-check before submitting your hard work.

saas marketing platform

A SAAS based platform with limitless oportunities

Upgrading your DXP shouldn’t be an expensive headache. That’s why our unified control space built on a microservice architecture integrates with the tools and solutions you and your team already use. 

Coupled with our plug and play solutions, DXU adapts to your company’s UI demands, not the other way around. Say hello to a platform that swiftly and effectively adjusts content and tools to create highly engaging customer experiences with your brand.

Technology that empowers your growth

Technology should never slow you down. That’s why DXU’s easy-to-use platform and bespoke UI integration allow our users to focus on the customer interactions that will propel their business forward. No more frantic calls to your IT department or time-wasting onboarding training for your employees.

experience platform


Give your customers the omnichannel, personalised digital experience that’ll make them feel like royalty at every touchpoint.

Architecture & Framework

Build the digital experience you want with a composable and headless approach that’s as effortless as it sounds.

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