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Build lasting customer loyalty

The only loyalty management platform your business needs to build sustained customer loyalty with hyper personalized rewards, across touchpoints – web, mobile & in-store.

A glimpse into the solutions we offer

Our agnostic, SaaS-based composable architecture enables you to build a loyalty program with the vendors and content types of your choice

Rewards & Offers

Personalised Customer Onboarding

Personalization/ Optimization

Headless Content Management System

Analytics & Reports

Marketing Automation

Data Ingestion & Control

Self Serve Merchant/ Offer Management

Client Account Management

Customer Care Integration

And so much more. From startups to large enterprises, we’ve got you covered.
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Our Comprehensive loyalty programs, customized to your needs

Explore our loyalty programs offerings, tailor-made to suit your business!

Loyalty leveraged in multiple industries







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Create a ‘WOW’ customer impact

Our scalable, saas-based, digital experience control space enables you to build, personalise and enhance every customer journey

Be Where Your
Customers Are

Connect with your customers on app, web, mobile, social media, email, in-store, and more.

Craft Memorable Experiences

Make customers feel special at every touchpoint with our personalisation tools.

Offer Exclusive

Offer your customers exclusive & personalised rewards from top brands around the world.

Own Your Unique Branding

White-label your rewards with our unique customisation software.

Oversee Every Experience

Get an unfiltered birds-eye overview of each customer in one easy-to-use control space.

Analyse, Adapt & Improve

Harness the power of tools like AB testing, AI & machine learning & customer analytics.

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Some superpowers of our platform

Immensely cut down the onboarding time for your customers.

Deploy & publish rewards seamlessly, from cashbacks to experiential awards to NFTs on DXU’s control space.

Bring your own content or harness the power of our catalog with 2000+ brands & make the most of our flexible & easy-to-integrate platform.

We stir-up enriching experiences with
valuable engagement

Pay only for what you use

Our payment model is strictly usage based, aka, you pay only for the solutions you use, and 100% transparent with regular reports being shared with you.


Not a techie? No problem!

Our platform’s self-serving capabilities empower our customers to easily manage & customize their loyalty program solutions without having to resort to IT help.


Easy integration

Simplified yet extensive, fully composable tech stack with exclusive tools & features, which means you can reuse your existing tech stack (CMS, marketing, analytics - any software) by integrating it seamlessly into our platform.

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A Robust Loyalty Ecosystem

Our scalable, Saas-based, digital experience control space enables you to build,
personalise and enhance every customer journey.

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