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DX United Architecture & Framework

Say hello to a composable, open, and extensible platform whose modular design allows you to incrementally update all composite parts of your site and create a seamless onboarding experience for your users. 

Technology behind the DXU platform

Digital Experience

Your customers don’t need to have more than one password on their mind. Our hassle-free, secure SSO framework onboards your users to all channels, applications, service providers with one set of credentials. Take control over user access, roles, preferences, and activities with DXUnited’s all-in-one User Manager. 

With DXU, personalisation means more than unique 1-to-1 interactions. Our personalisation framework creates personalised experiences that yield a lifetime of loyalty for your business by learning and optimising business analytics, process insights, and customer data. Most IT issues are minor, so let DXUnited’s self-service capabilities handle those small issues with high efficiency and low costs.  


An API-powered CMS that works as your reliable deliveryman to all channels. Put the responsibility of content distribution, drag-and-drop capabilities, central storage, and multi-site administration in the hands of our headache-free CMS. Automate and personalise your marketing campaigns with lead generation software that gets your customer base talking. 

Integrate all your analytics into your personal control center, tracking a whole host of data that features page visits, heat maps, customer analytics, product insights, and more. See your site and online platforms in action with a workflow that ensures you publish the best possible content for your customers.


Take advantage of easy and low-cost upgrades and customisations that support your entire base of tenants and don’t break the bank. Cheaply and effortlessly integrate our platform with your preferred technology stack, so you won’t have to leave behind your favorite CMS or marketing & analytics software. 

The days of burdensome workflows and congested data silos are long past thanks to our native framework that ingests and arranges all your customer and product data for you. An SSO framework, pen testing, and GDPR are just some of the many features that make DXU’s platform an easy choice for customers that value privacy and security.

Powerful & composable
DXP integrations

Our scalable, SAAS-based, digital experience control enables you to build, personalise and enhance every customer journey. 

Whether you need end-to-end solutions from scratch to start your business or flexible plug & play solutions to work with your existing brand UI.

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