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DX United Features

Discover how DX United’s state-of-the-art features integrate with your existing UI or help you build one from scratch so you can craft personalised engaging experiences for every customer.

Features for the entire content lifecycle

The content lifecycle of every system is vital in all businesses. DXU’s features allow you to address your content at every stage, so you can take the guess-work out of decision-making.


Headless CMS

DX United’s connectors allow you to build great digital experiences and manage content from your preferred system. 

Streamline content creation with the help of a single control space that organises, previews, and publishes content with an omni-channel workflow that’ll send your team’s efficiency and motivation to new heights.


Marketing Automation

DX United integrates with your existing or preferred marketing stack, allowing you to automate and personalise your marketing campaigns in accordance with data that’s proven to generate new leads. 

The unified platform also gives you full control over all settings and preferences at every level of your website.


Personalisation & Optimisation

We provide the necessary tools and framework to store, train, and model data however you prefer by allowing you to integrate your existing or preferred personalisation engine with our easy-to-use connectors. 

The only limits placed on our intelligent and consistent omnichannel experiences (including product recommendations) are your imagination.



Analyse, discover, interpret and relay the data that’ll give you the upper hand against the competition.

Workflow Management

Unite your team and bring order to your workflow armed with an in-depth overview and management software that gives you unique insight into your customers’ digital experiences.

Microservice Architecture

Problem-solve and get your services live faster with the help of our speedy development process.

CRM & Chat

Manage orders, sales, and customer service responses with a CRM platform that puts lasting relationships first.

Mobile App

Modular building blocks just became your biggest ally on your quest to build amazing mobile apps for your customers, no matter whether you’re hoping to build Native, Hybrid, or PWA software.

Auditing & Reporting

Keep your customer service on track by receiving regular updates and reports on your team’s effectiveness in handling customer concern.

AB Testing Capability

See what your customers have to say with our split testing and AB marketing tools that.

Multi-tenancy Features

Scale on-demand with higher efficiency at a lower cost by uniting your tenants on one server.


Stay on the law’s good side by utilising a platform that’s compliant with all security and safety protocols.

Global Language Support

Keep your website global by tailoring your site’s language to every one of your customer bases.

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